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Iberostar Barcelona
Iberostar Barcelona

April 13, 2022 - 4 min read

Connect to these unique room sellers with Open Distribution

Laura Holt

Travel Writer

There’s a school of thought that says the more time and effort you put into something, the more rewards you’ll reap. But at Impala, we believe in working smarter, not harder — and Open Distribution is finally giving hotels the chance to do the same.

Get Better Bookings

Connect to major OTAs and unique startups without anyone in the way. Sign up today and open the door to new guests.

Where once you might have laboured for six months to a year to build up relationships with room sellers, Open Distribution can now connect you to a spread of OTAs and unique startups in just 48 hours. No more outdated, third-party booking systems and mood-killing middlemen — shortcut straight to the sellers that suit you.

If you’ve fallen out of love with the booking giants — and you’re looking for new, more exciting markets — find out where Open Distribution can take you with some of the inventive room sellers available through Impala.

Zoku Amsterdam
Zoku Amsterdam


Feeling the strain after two years of stop-start travel? You’re not alone. Travellers around the world have had plans disrupted, delayed and deserted, giving rise to a desire to spend more and go further, for longer. So, whether you’re a hotel in Bali or a hostel in Berlin, it’s time to tap into the long-stay, remote-working revolution.

One company that’s making it ever easier to connect hotels with these high-value travellers is RemoteDream. Hotels and hostels with cast-iron Wifi connections, community-gathering events and co-working spaces are showcased and sold through the boutique booking engine. 

With incentives for stays of seven nights or more, it means less admin for you, fewer room turnarounds and a healthier average length of stay. Digital nomads don’t need to sift through hundreds of pages to find your hotel or hostel – they can simply source you via RemoteDream and shortcut straight to spearheading their start-up from the beach. Easy.

Pousada Castelo Palmela
Pousada Castelo Palmela

Celtic Castles

Quirky hotels that don’t fit cookie-cutter categories will feel at home with Celtic Castles, a platform that celebrates centuries-old character above boring box-ticking amenities. After all, who needs an in-room trouser press when you’ve got four-poster beds, views across a loch and heirlooms aplenty? 

The company showcases castles and chateaux across Europe to turret-loving travellers in search of romantic short breaks, wedding venues, holiday rentals and big-bash breaks over Christmas and New Year. All of which allows you to reach guests who’ll be clamouring for you to drop down the drawbridge, so they can settle in amid knobbly not-perfect walls and feel like part of history in the making.  

Starhotels Grand Hotel Continental
Starhotels Grand Hotel Continental


Instant access to the Asian market comes courtesy of Agoda. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Singapore, the OTA isn’t exactly under the radar. But it does act as an immediate window to a wealth of guests, eager to book all types of stays across Europe, from holidays in Italian villas to extended city stays.

With Open Distribution, you can connect directly to Agoda’s massive base of guests — without sacrificing hefty commissions to intermediaries.

Cotswold House Hotel and Spa
Cotswold House Hotel and Spa


Got spare rooms and social responsibility in mind? Signing up to Impala means you can connect with Carefree to donate unused hotel rooms and holiday cottages in seconds. This caring-economy enterprise is driven by a desire to ensure every full-time unpaid carer in the UK has access to a long-overdue short break.

With one million rooms going unsold in the UK every week, the company redresses the supply-demand surplus and sets in motion a virtuous circle. For hospitality, that means you get to offer up vacant rooms while making a social impact and spreading joy among the country’s 7 million unpaid care workers. For carers, it’s a few nights of much-needed sleep in stress-free, stylish surroundings.

Start Your Journey

Ready to connect to these room sellers? Sign up to Impala today and reach new guests in 48h.

By signing up with Impala, you’ll get a barrier-free backstage pass to big players such as Agoda, along with more targeted niche sellers such as Carefree and Celtic Castles.

But instead of having to manage a whole raft of hotel sellers across different time-sapping channels and intermediaries, you’ll get pain-free access at the push of a button through one platform.

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