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Starhotels Grand Milan
Starhotels Grand Milan

April 21, 2022 - 6 min read

5 ways Open Distribution can help your property thrive

Laura Holt

Travel Writer

For many, a visit to a hotel starts with a wide open door, a warm welcome and a whoosh of bags upstairs. But as a hotel yourself, you know that a lot of work goes into every single booking, long before the guest even reaches your door. 

Booking systems once felt revolutionary – opening up hotels, hostels and home-spun hideaways to a world beyond their windows. But in reality today, hotels often face a huge headache in the simple act of selling rooms.

Channel managers, costly developers and connectivity issues all stand in the way of you finding the right guests. Instead of a direct relationship between hotel and room seller, the current system requires third parties to connect the dots. 

But with Open Distribution, you can leapfrog the middlemen and partner directly with ready-made room sellers – cutting out high commission, regaining control over your content and getting creative with testing new markets. Here’s five ways this new model of distribution can help your property thrive today.

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1. Reduce your reliance on high-cost room sellers

Whether you’re an independent hotel or a big-name brand, you probably saw the appeal of working with booking giants at the start. But they come with big commissions. Added to that, integration is often a headache, so you’ll likely pay channel managers and developers to connect everything up for you. Taking more time – and, yes, more money.

Open Distribution means you can multiply your room sellers, without multiplying the costs. With one connection, you can cherry-pick from a spread of big-player OTAs and smaller, suited-to-you start ups. Impala’s platform is free to get started and requires zero integration – and onboarding only takes 48 hours. 

2. Reach more guests that work for you

Who’s your ideal guest? Where are they travelling from? How long are they staying? With the big booking giants, you have limited control over who’s coming through the door. But Impala helps you target engaged guests who go the distance. 

Maybe you’re a quirky centuries-old castle, wanting to attract character-loving guests for a special-occasion takeover this Christmas. Connecting to specialist room sellers such as Celtic Castles via Impala allows you to drop the drawbridge for potential lords and ladies, rather than ushering in a siege of one-night stays. That means a big-bash booking with long-term guests you can build a relationship with – rather than a series of shorter stays with someone just passing through. 

3. Experiment with new markets

Currently, sluggish old systems make it difficult for hotels to be agile and test new markets. But by having everything in one simple platform, Impala lets you get creative. 

Perhaps you’re already set up for long-term stays, with cool co-working spaces, lightning-fast wifi and community-gathering events. You’re just not tapped into that market yet. Through Impala, you can connect with room sellers such as RemoteDream – a specialist in remote-working retreats – and shortcut straight to longer, more lucrative stays. You’ll diversify into a new market – all at the click of a button – and if it’s not right for you, you can diversify right back, no questions asked. 

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4. Have more control over your content

If you’re a hotelier that takes pride in your property’s appearance – deliberating over every detail, from the branding to the bed linen – you’ll know how frustrating it can be to see your stylish stay reduced to out-of-date information and blurry, below-par images.

At Impala, we collect all your content from a range of trusted sources, so you can update everything, all in one place. Instead of having to convert your content for a range of OTAs – and seeing it come out lacking – we make technology work for you, so you can roll out looking ready in no time. 

5. Keep more of each booking 

Why carve up your profits when you don’t have to? Instead of salami-slicing room rates and serving them up to third parties, Open Distribution lets you skip the middlemen and retain more of every booking. 

With Impala, you can negotiate directly with room sellers, agreeing deals and discounts based on how hard they’re working for you. Impala only takes a small percentage of commission when you accept a booking. Thanks to stress-free, self-service tech, you’ll also save on sales teams, developers and hassle, too – so you can spend time growing your business instead.

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Starhotels Grand Milan

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