Impala’s Covid Wellness + Engagement Plan

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In August, we launched our “Covid Wellness + Engagement Initiative” at Impala, which we’re now half-way through.

The “Covid Wellness + Engagement Initiative” was our response to a few trends we had noticed:

  • We noticed our company wellness + engagement scores were declining.

  • We noticed that stress burnout was trending.

  • We noticed the NHS state that depression had doubled in the UK, and the forecast that this would continue.

  • We noticed similar trends across all companies and industries.

We place a huge emphasis on wellbeing at Impala, so upon seeing these trends we wasted no time!

We surveyed Impalans, specifically to identify what was most impacting their mental health and wellness levels, and we identified 3 key action areas accordingly.

See our Initiative Deck below to find out what areas we’re taking pro-active and meaningful action.

Covid Wellness + Engagement Plan Deck

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