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D&I, and Being Greater than the Sum of Our Parts

We are super pleased to share our big little D&I Deck; an unashamedly long repository of things we do and offer for diversity and inclusion here at Impala. (And a repository which we will continue to add to!)

We place a huge emphasis on diversity and inclusion at Impala because we honestly believe that, as a company, we can legitimately help change systemic and endemic societal problems.

We’re greater than the sum of our parts, and we need to leverage that. We want to share our D&I Deck so that companies can be prompted to advocate and address the topic.

This is a huge challenge. One which cannot be overcome overnight.

But we understand and embrace the fact that it has to start somewhere and that as a company we’re greater than the sum of our parts. Therefore, as a company, we are in a position to take the grassroots step.

Basically, we’re in this for the long haul.

In that same vein, we reject a traditional ‘business’ mindset to addressing D&I.

We don’t assign it to typical business tropes such as ‘ROI’ or ‘Sustainability’, ‘Project’ or ‘KPI’.

This is about real human experience, which is worth much, MUCH more than all that.

Impala's Diversity & Inclusion Deck