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An iPad with a view of the Impala events app. Visible are a description of the event, and controls to adjust the dates of the event including prominently display buttons for controlling hotel stay restrictions.

New features for Events - Introducing stay restrictions & attendee groups


We've been listening to your feedback and have made some enhancements to our Impala events product that we think you're going to find quite useful.

You've told us that you want finer control over additional dates; restricting who can stay on which extra nights, or setting a cap on additional hotel stays. This means that all your team can request their accommodation in one place, and everyone sees the right information for the group they're in. You can also export all your attendee data with groups intact, perfect for reconciliation and budget planning.

Learn how event restrictions & groups can help you:

All our new features:
  • Set Attendee Groups: Add your attendees to specific groups, and restrict hotel stays based on those groups. Your team won't see which group they're in.

  • Nightly Cap: You're in control of the maximum number of hotel nights that can be booked each day, which helps with budgeting and logistics.

  • Special Permissions: If you'd like, you can grant certain groups permission to book beyond the daily limit.

  • Manual Edits: If plans change, you can manually adjust group settings and adjust people's stay dates.

  • Export and remix your data: All your event data can be exported as a CSV with groups, stay dates and more. Perfect for sharing with the wider business.

  • Manage and delete attendees: Need to remove someone from your event? You can now remove attendees.

  • Rename your event: Want to give your event a meaningful name? Now you can. If the creative muse doesn't strike you can use our random name generator to pick one for you - my favourite is Unified Dynamic Gathering.
Need a new feature? Want to share feedback?

We love to hear how our events app can help you. If you want to get in touch with feedback or suggestions then message christopher.behr@impala.travel