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The Future is Flexible

We’re launching our brand-new and incredibly-flexible Benefits package at Impala.

We’re rejecting the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to benefits, and are creating a model that places Impalans in the driving seat, to choose the benefits that mean the most to them and their lifestyle.

The full details of our new flexible benefits can be seen here.

Flexibility at work is so much more than it used to be, and our new flexible benefits package is just the tip of what we’re doing to create a more flexible workplace!

Less 9-to-5, more flexibility-and-freedom across the board at Impala. 'We-trust-you-to-get-the-work-done' is a better way to make a living.

Flexibility is gaining more and more traction in 2020. Companies like FlexaFlown, and OysterHR are simultaneously demonstrating the appetite for more flexibility at work, and are also paving the way for it.

Here’s how we offer the most flexible environment we possibly can at Impala.

We avoid “Flexible Working” being a phrase we throw around with little depth.

At Impala, whether you’re a night owl, or a morning lark; whether the gym is your jam, or a meal out is your cup of tea; or whether you’d rather a standing desk to a second screen; our Flexible Working initiatives are designed to be congruent and to cater to everyone.

Our multi-faceted flexible working initiatives at Impala use trust as the underlying principle, to empower Impalans to manage work around their own lives.

Forget work-life balance; we're optimising towards work-life integration, and flexibility enables that. It's especially important as Covid has made work and life so difficult to tease apart.

So, what does flexibility look like at Impala currently?

  • Completely flexible benefits package, allowing Impalans to choose to spend on what matters to them across 4 ‘Pots’. So from HollyHealth subscriptions to Virgin Active memberships; Pizza to Cupcakes; and Netflix subscriptions to Kindle Unlimited; we’ve got you.
  • Flexible working hours, with a 5 hour minimum per day around our core hours (10am - 3pm). So that Impalans can plan the rest of their week around their lifestyle, instead of vice versa.
  • Flexibility to set up home offices to precise tastes, preferences and work habits, using dedicated generous budgets and stipends for swanky furniture and accoutrements on an easy-peasy rental basis.
  • Flexibility to work in a Co-Working space instead of in a home office; we cover the monthly membership cost up to £350.
  • Flexibility to opt for a hybrid remote-colocated setup; whether for mental health, team ideation, or just productivity.
  • Flexibility to work anywhere in Europe (+/-2 hours GMT) plus support for anyone who wants to leave the UK to move countries across Europe (Hello StTropez?) through our partnership with OysterHR.
  • Flexibility to use online tools for Learning and Development, including Learnerbly and LinkedinLearning, so that Impalans can own their own growth path; and choose and purchase training + resources that suits them, their career goals, and their learning styles.
  • Commitment to staying 100% remote until at least January 2022, meaning people can flexibly live and work where they please with zero Covid anxiety.
  • 36 days holiday, because the statutory minimum (28 days) just isn’t enough, and also because Unlimited holidays means people take less on average. We also give our employees one Unsick Day a year for important healthcare admin and appointments, so they can keep their actual holidays for the fun stuff.
  • Flexibility to engage in a range of volunteering and philanthropy opportunities which can match everyone’s unique skill set and ideals, through our partnership with Ethical Angel.
  • Bonus - we also recently changed our London Office location specifically so that we can accommodate dogs!

Why do we do this?

Life Happens.

More flexibility means that individuals can worry less about health appointments, childcare, medication side effects, carer duties, fitness, and even the city that they have to live.

Our most recent review showed that 95% of Impalan’s found that Flexible Working Hours improved their work-life balance. Now for 100%!

This is something we’ll constantly be reviewing, and hopefully adding to; our flexible working options need to grow with us too.