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Work the Way You Imagined: Introducing our culture deck

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We believe culture is a living, breathing thing that evolves with and alongside our team, not a fixed set of rules and talking points. And as Impala has grown tremendously over the past year, so has our unique, people-first company culture. 

Impala is a remote-first company, and lots of people ask us what that means for our day-to-day experience, from how we communicate to how we build our teams. Whether you’re considering a role with us, or just want to learn more about how we work, our culture deck gives you a ringside view of life on the inside. 

We first shared our culture deck in 2019, and to reflect who we are and how we work today, we’re proud to present a freshly updated version for 2022. You’ll learn about:

  • Our mission. Discover how Impalans see the world — and how we want to make it better through our work. 
  • Our people mantra. Learn about what makes an Impalan and how our four core values shape our actions every day. 
  • Our high performance culture. Get a glimpse of what a 'high-performance' culture looks like at Impala and how we put our principles into action.
  • Our living culture. See Impala’s commitments to growing and evolving our culture over time, including a review of our D&I programmes, remote-first working, flexible benefits and perks, and approaches to trust, failure and team-building.

Our new culture deck also includes insights from current Impalans across different teams on how our principles and company culture impact them. 

Although our culture is always evolving, it’s important to note that our core values — which define how we think, who we hire, and the way we do things when no one’s watching — have not changed. So whether you’re just getting to know Impala or you’ve been on this journey with us for years, you can be assured that the team we’re building is reflected in the values of the team we’ve built.

Dive into our culture deck and get to know what makes Impala, Impala. You can also explore all the details of our employee benefits in our benefits deck.

Ready to join our fast-growing and innovative team and work the way you imagined? Check out the open positions on our careers page.