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Impala analyzes your company's travel history and negotiates preferential pricing for your company with hotels, airlines and other travel providers. You plug these prices into your existing travel software like Concur/modern-alternatives or book them directly with the provider.

The average company can save up to 30% on their annual travel budget.

Travel better for less

Working with Impala gives you the certainty that you’re getting the best possible price on company travel, without having to sacrifice quality. 

Lower your travel spend by up to 30% by next month

Today, your team is booking last-minute and they’re booking public or only lightly discounted prices. We can negotiate dramatic direct discounts for most companies from 250 people above.

More engaged employees

Every supplier we work with is checked against our 10-point modern business travel standard to ensure optimal employee performance and engagement while traveling.

Certified low spend

As standard we provide board-level travel reporting so that you can report with ease that you’re actively lower spend in a key problem area for most companies.

Give your employees back their time

Our retreats and offsites booking service means that your key business leaders can spend more time on what really matters, not calling around hotels and restaurants.


  • Negotiated pricing with relevant, high-quality hotels in your destinations.

  • For growth stage companies, negotiated airline pricing.

  • Unique pricing for airport transfers (Europe-only).

  • An analysis of existing travel policy with advice on potential savings.

  • Reporting dashboard to monitor savings.


We work with leading travel suppliers worldwide and have done so collectively for decades. We put this network to work to get you the best possible travel.



Deep Travel History Analysis

We run your travel history and policy through our proprietary analysis software. This allows us to forecast your expenditure in the next 12 months and how you can make significant savings. We can do this in less than 24 hours from receiving your data.


Build Travel Program

We put together your future travel program and present the savings you can expect from working with us. Once agreed we go out and negotiate your pricing with the suppliers that make sense for you. This takes around 4 weeks from beginning to end.


Benefit & Report

Once negotiated, you can start using the rates and services we’ve set up for you through your existing travel software or directly with providers. We actively monitor the pricing you're getting to make sure it meets standards and you can access monthly, board-level reporting.


Whether you use a traditional TMC or modern business travel software, the program that we negotiate for you can be booked without having to onboard new software and works seamlessly. For those that don’t use business travel software, you’ll be able to book most pricing direct and we can advise you on software choices should you wish to look at that market.

The best way to explain why we signed up is ‘why not?’. It took minimal effort to onboard and the business model is simple.

Eagles Palace Hotel Pool

The onboarding of our over 200 properties was incredibly easy with Impala. Our tech team didn’t have to do a thing — we had never experienced such a smooth process before.

Hotel lobby

Impala help us regain a bit more of the UK market and explore new avenues. The reservations are straightforward and don't put extra weight on our current operations.

Hotel restaurant

Impala gives us the agility to discover and test new markets without the resources previously required.

Hotel pool

We're so glad to work with Impala. Their booking process is great for our hotel.

Hotel bed


If your question isn’t answered here then we’d be happy to discuss it with you, you can contact us directly at support@impala.travel.

For most companies, our service costs nothing. We make money by charging a modest commission to the travel providers we work with. This commission is flat and does not vary from supplier to supplier so there’s never any worry about supplier bias.

Once we have access to your travel data and policy, we take care of everything and once you’ve approved the travel program, we handle all negotiations. Think two short Zoom calls to give the “okay”.

It really varies depending on the destinations of most of your travel but as a general rule, if you have a travel spend of $100K per year then it’s worth discussing. It can even be worthwhile at less than $100K if your travel is highly concentrated (for instance remote workers coming to head-office).

No! In many ways Impala acts as your outsource travel manager. If you do have a travel manager then we can work directly with them to ensure that we’re boosting their impact.

No! We routinely work with companies where travel spend is managed directly by a Finance Manager, Head of People or in Operations. If you do have a procurement team then great, we can work directly with them to help boost their impact.

We aim to have all customers booking prices we’ve negotiated for them within 6 weeks. For companies with a more concentrated travel spend this can be even less.

Absolutely. We have a separate service that handles organizing retreats and offsites that goes from just booking lodging to a full-service retreat planning service for 1000+ people. Contact us directly at info@impala.travel to discuss further.

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