Contracting by Impala

Directly connect to thousands of hotels faster and easier than ever before. Negotiate deals in days, not months.

We’re revolutionising hotel contracting.

There’s no middleware, no continuous back and forth, and zero intermediaries.  We handle everything - from contracts to bookings to payments. In today’s fast-moving travel landscape, it pays to connect fast.

Quick acquisition.

We’ve reduced the time to reach decision-makers for independents and chains from an average of 3 weeks to just moments. Superpower your existing sales team, or test entire new markets without setting up new teams.

Quick contracting.

We’ve got rid of laborious back and forths - it’s all done through our interface for both hotels and travel sellers, with one simple transaction.

Quickly run deals and campaigns.

Our Deals functionality means that in just a few short steps, you can run campaigns and garner extra traffic without having to wait for hotels to negotiate or having to set up promo codes

Your  all-in-one dashboard

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