Simplify selling hotel rooms today

At Impala, we believe selling hotel rooms doesn’t have to be a long and expensive process involving thousands of hours sending contracts back and forth, chasing photographs and sorting through a mess of integrations. We connect you to hotels instantly, so you can get started in minutes.

Instant access to hotels

Connect to thousands of hotels in 56 countries in one day. Every hotel and room available has up-to-date, best-in-class content. If you're looking for a particular hotel to connect to, simply submit a request. 

Focus on selling

Negotiate deals directly and forget the pain of spreadsheets, emails and paper contracts. Remove the need for a copywriter and reclaim those lost days of figuring out contracts.

Direct to hotels

On Impala, you work directly with hotels providing greater transparency. They can see where their bookings come from, which means more unique offers for you.

Control your guest experience

Instead of sending your customers to third-party sites, customers transact directly on your site, and you stay in control of the complete experience.

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Your all-in-one dashboard

Simple payment structure

We can take the guest payment or leave it to you. We’ll charge a minimal transaction fee when a booking is confirmed.

Designed for Developers

We agonised over our documentation to make sure we are easy to use. Within minutes, and without ever having to chat to a salesperson, enter a lengthy onboarding process, or manage hundreds of integrations, your business can start facilitating hotel bookings.

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