Instantly connect to hotels

Impala removes the barriers for travel companies to contract with hotels directly. We’re the infrastructure you need to instantly sell hotel rooms without the headache of integration or the need to rely on third-party supply.

Impala Connectivity

Selling hotel rooms has never been quicker or easier. Just one streamlined connection through Impala allows you to check room availability and make bookings - all in one place. We take care of everything. No intermediaries or tiresome middleware. Just thousands of hotels at your fingertips.

  • We’re fast - once you’re live on Connectivity by Impala within 48 hours, connect to hotels instantly. 
  • One invoice - we handle all payments. You just get a single invoice for all hotels and we’ll process the payouts. 
  • Quick onboarding - No need to wait. We’ll even curate bespoke content, reviewed by hotels for quality and accuracy, so you can attract the most number of guests. 

Impala Contracting

Contracting by Impala makes sourcing and negotiating hotel rooms for your travel business simpler, quicker and hassle free. Directly connect to hotels and request deals faster and easier than ever before.  

  • Contracts signed in hours - no need to wait months to add inventory at negotiated rates. 
  • No red tape - we’ve removed the middleware, endless back-and-forth, and the intermediaries.
  • Build stronger relationships - agree private deals, scale up your direct relationships and have greater transparency. 

Impala Stay

  • Access real-time guest data to power your guest technology.
  • Connect directly to the property management system.
  • Personalise your guest experience without costly integrations.

Our Customer Pricing

To ensure the reliability and high-quality services of the Impala platform, we charge a minimal fee when a booking is confirmed based on the volume of bookings you make per month. 

Bookings Per Month

of the transaction

1,000 - 10,000
Bookings Per Month

of the transaction

Bookings Per Month


of the transaction

Included in our pricing:

Hotel description, check-in and check-out times, and star rating

High-quality hotel imagery

General amenities and hotel facilities,

Room counts, types, amenities

Lowest available room rates


We can provide a full payment solution for an additional transaction fee.