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Iberostar Berkeley hotel exterior by twilight
Iberostar Berkeley hotel exterior by twilight

September 08, 2022 - 4 min read

Five leading hotel chains Impala can connect you to - fast

Dan Etheridge

Impala Editor

  • With their complex commercials and bespoke tech, partnering with hotel chains has historically been difficult for room sellers. But forward-thinking groups are now working with Impala to make their rooms available to innovative travel agents. Get to know just some of the trailblazers that Impala can connect you to.

When you partner with Impala, you get access to more than 1.5million hotel rooms worldwide. And with everything from small B&Bs to large chains to choose from, you’ll find the properties you need to build your dream inventory - on terms which have previously largely remained the preserve of the big OTAs.

With Impala, you can access rooms at chains at the best public rates, with favourable rates of commission, and be sure that the hotel will see the bookings you’re sending - and the value you’re delivering. We can connect you to a wide range of international players, so let’s take a look at a few that reflect the breadth and variety of the product offering you can build by working with Impala.

Pool at Iberostar Grand El Mirador
Pool at Iberostar Grand El Mirador

With a heavy focus on responsible tourism and stunning seaside locations, Iberostar has more than 100 properties across Europe, the Americas and Africa. The group emphasises luxury, with their entire portfolio recognised as four- or five-star hotels. Headquartered in Spain, it’s a family-owned business that has been operating in hospitality for more than 60 years, and now welcomes 5.6million guests annually. Their properties are ideal to attract high value, long stay guests.

Motel 6 Monahans Room interior
Motel 6 Monahans Room interior
Motel 6

If you’re looking to grow your coverage in North America, this affordable travel superpower boasts more than 1,400 locations across the US and Canada. This group concentrates on getting the basics right: a simple, clean and comfortable place to rest at a fair price. The result is that they’re expanding fast, offering great coverage across North America. They also operate Studio 6, their extended stay concept, offering fully furnished kitchens and attracting bookings for more room nights.

Selina Melbourne bedroom
Selina Melbourne bedroom

A relative newcomer to the world of hospitality, Selina was founded in 2007 on the promise of building tight-knit relationships between travellers and locals. Since then, they’ve opened hundreds of locations, mostly in the Americas and Europe but with a presence globally. Their properties attract digital nomads seeking a longer stay, at a competitive rate, with great coworking facilities - and a strong sense of community. Expect highly photogenic locations that draw bookings for longer stays.

Me by Melia London reception
Me by Melia London reception

Spain’s leading hotel chain, with more than 380 locations around the world, Melia operates seven different brands catering for everyone from budget city visitors to beachside luxury seekers. About a third of their hotels are in Spain, with a major presence around Europe, and a sprinkling in Asia and the Americas. Many of the properties have a strong sense of style and character, adding real depth to a room seller’s inventory.

Castille hotel courtyard by night
Castille hotel courtyard by night

The smallest group on our list, Starhotels punches above its weight with a focus on upscale and luxury properties. Their 30 locations will add a touch of glamour to your inventory. Outside their home base of Italy, Starhotels adds prestige to a city centre offering, with The Gore, The Pelham and The Franklin in London, Castille in Paris and Hotel Michelangelo in New York.

At Impala, we’ve reimagined the technology of travel so you can build direct relationships with these properties - and thousands more - quickly, easily, and with no upfront costs. You can get started selling rooms right away - just sign up today. And if you have bespoke requirements, you can also get in touch with our team to find out how we can connect you to these properties and grow your business.

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