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May 18, 2022 - 4 min read

Here’s how Open Distribution gets your hotel future ready

Nick Dauk

Travel Writer

Hotel balcony at sunset

The world doesn’t stop changing – which is why savvy hotel owners and operators are searching for ways to stay one step ahead.

Luckily, there’s already a way for you to prepare your property to handle whatever the future presents: Open Distribution. Let’s take a look at how the control, speed, and value offered by Open Distribution can support your hotel’s room selling strategy in any future imaginable.

A group of three guests
A group of three guests
1. Opening Your Doors to New Guests

Familiar faces are a welcome sight, but don’t forget that your returning visitors were once new guests, too. Instead of relying on the same markets and potentially unpredictable patterns to fill your rooms, you can invite new guests to fall in love with your hotel via Open Distribution.

The beauty of Open Distribution is in its infinite booking potential. It’s the act of opening your door to the possibilities of the future, whether that be a new source market that considers your destination a “hidden gem” or reconnecting with your tried and true clientele through the trendiest travel sites.

Icons representing two room sellers
Icons representing two room sellers
2. Rapidly Test New Room Sellers

From managing the breakfast buffet to processing late-night check-ins of road weary travellers, running daily hotel operations leaves very little time for much else – especially trying to test out the thousands of new room sellers entering the market. 

Want to partner with an OTA that’s got more traffic than they can handle? Curious if the next big Super App could see your vacancies diminish in seconds? 

With Open Distribution, you’re free to experiment with every one of our diverse partners as often or as little as you’d like. We can onboard your hotel and connect you to our API within 48 hours. Then, doing business with everyone - from award-winning players to niche operators - is as effortless as flipping a switch. 

Pinpoints on a globe
Pinpoints on a globe
3. Pinpointing Where Bookings Originate

Do you know where your bookings are really coming from?

Most hoteliers truly don’t. That’s because many room selling partnerships are unnecessarily convoluted. Major booking agencies may provide you with plenty of bookings every day, but they won’t always tell you which third parties they’re coming from.

Wouldn’t it be immensely helpful if a beachside resort knew that many of their bookings were coming from an OTA that facilitates on-water activities? Imagine the unique experiences the hotel could curate for guests when working directly with that OTA.

Remember, there’s more than one way to sell your rooms. Open Distribution gives you the transparency and visibility you need to identify exactly where your consumer is coming from.

Icon showing that Impala is free to sign up with
Icon showing that Impala is free to sign up with
4. Reducing Your Reliability on Legacy Infrastructure 

Travel’s legacy infrastructure is expensive, rigid in its adaptability, and cannot keep up with the speed at which travel is transforming. Open Distribution was designed to overcome these challenges.

The best part of Open Distribution? It works alongside (but independently) of your traditional booking strategies. Gaining access to Impala’s open platform is free, and means you can connect to an array of new channels in an instant, reducing your reliance on other providers.

Handshake icon
Handshake icon
5. Flexibility to Decide Where You’re Sold and How You Negotiate 

Ultimately, Open Distribution is only successful when it positively impacts your bottom line. Imagine only working with the channels that work for you and negotiating your commission from these channels so you’re always paying the ideal price for each booking. 

With such a hands-on approach, you can also extend your appreciation to your preferred partners. Offering special pricing to travel agents or partner sites is an excellent way to reward them for all of the reservations they’ve put on your books - and attract even more of their guests.

What does the future of travel hold for your hotel? When you leverage Open Distribution through Impala, it won’t matter. You’ll bypass the complicated and costly processes of yesterday and streamline your bookings directly with your partners. Future-proof your room selling strategy on your terms - sign up with Impala today

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