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Customer Spotlight: BYHOURS Hotel Microstays

BYHOURS is the first booking platform to offer hotel rooms by the hour. They launched in 2012 with the aim of solving certain issues they’d encountered in the hotel industry. Why do people have to pay for a full night when they only need a room for a few hours? Why do customers have to be restricted by the classic 2pm check-in and 12pm check-out? They’ve come up with the perfect solution to these restrictions, introducing flexibility and personalisation to hotel stays.

Through the BYHOURS website or mobile app, customers can choose their check-in time and length of stay, with a choice of 3, 6 or 12 hours. With instant booking and free 24-hour cancellation, BYHOURS’ microstays are completely changing the room-booking game.

50% of those booking microstays are businesses and professionals. With BYHOURS a hotel room transforms into a quiet spot to prep before a meeting, join a conference call, or hold a photo shoot. For those needing a little more space, it’s also possible to book a hotel’s meeting and conference rooms in a similar way.

Tourists and travellers benefit from the flexibility too. No longer constrained by inconvenient check-in and check-out times, they can make the most of their trips. What’s more, they have the option to relax somewhere comfortable during long stopovers, or when waiting for a delayed flight. Those just in town for the day can use a room as a place to recuperate, or simply indulge in the hotel facilities. A hotel room is no longer just a place to sleep, it’s a myriad of experiences.

For hotels, this new approach is a brilliant way to increase revenue by filling empty rooms and connecting to new customers. Importantly, hotels keep control as they decide the available check-in times, prices, room types and the included services. Many of the world’s top hotel chains are signed up, including Hilton, Sheraton, Best Western and W hotels.

BYHOURS recently integrated with Impala’s Hotel Booking API giving them quicker access to hotel data and allowing for further growth.

“Impala’s innovative deal functionality enables us to reach and negotiate microstay rates with large chains and independent hotels. Their approach is different: through their API we can get detailed access to how many rooms are left to be sold for each day and dynamic rates, without the need for channel manager integration.”

Based in Barcelona, in 2019 BYHOURS opened up a second office in Mexico City to be the international hub for Latin America and the USA. They currently operate in more than 25 countries and 600 destinations across the globe. To date they’ve already had more than 250,000 people booking microstays, totalling up to more than 1,000,000 hours reserved.

They’ve won a whole host of awards for their innovative work driving industry change over the last 10 years. Plus, they’re backed by Howzat Partners, HR Ventures, Angel Ventures, Dila Capital, Caixa Capital Risc to name a few. They also closed a funding round of €8 million in 2020.

We predict big things for BYHOURS and are really excited to be working with them. Their microstays are a revolutionary response to a conundrum that has long gone unsolved. Transforming the industry to deliver a better travel experience is what we’re all about - and that’s exactly what BYHOURS are doing.