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Customer Spotlight: National Park Express

National Park Express transport their customers to some of the most iconic destinations in the Southwestern United States. Based in Las Vegas, they have a fleet of over 30 luxury vehicles and connect travellers to epic national parks and other must-see locations. They are known for their flexible, personalized style and demand is increasing at such a rate that they are looking to expand into Europe later in the year.

Their main services are day tours and luxury shuttle transportation to spots like the Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon West, Hoover Dam, and Boulder City. Their tour options include ‘highlight tours' of multiple parks and single-park tours. They will also shuttle customers between different destinations, dropping them off and picking them up when and where they want. Sounds as good as a taxi service to us! Additionally, they offer bespoke package bundles and have a carefully curated selection of hotels to choose from.

Flexibility is a key feature of National Parks Express. They recognise that travel planning has evolved, moving away from set tour packages and rigid itineraries. People tend to want something more independent and personally curated. So, National Parks Express give their customers the freedom to build their own experience, choosing where they go, how long they go for and how they get there. They will partner with other companies to deliver unforgettable trips. Say the desire is to get a coach out to the Grand Canyon at dawn, with a photo op stop at Hoover Dam, go on a guided hike at the South Rim, then get a helicopter back to Las Vegas at sunset - National Park Express will make it happen.

There are numerous other ways in which National Parks Express stand apart from your every day tour company. Instead of a laborious pick-up process, stopping at numerous hotels which can take some companies up to 90 minutes, they consolidate their pick-ups and promise to get it all done in 25 minutes. They have recently fitted UVC-LED Light Technology to help sanitize their vehicles and provide a safer environment for their passengers. They also won’t upsell any tour add-ons once people are on board the bus, nor will they waste time stopping in kitsch tourist shops. They are all about getting travellers to destinations, safely and without any of the annoying bits along the way.

National Park Express is part of CHD, Inc. a privately held company founded in 2000. CHD, Inc. started as an inbound tour company for travelers to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, but has grown to incorporate a myriad of travel services and has served over 3 million customers in the last 20 years.

Expansion is on the horizon for National Parks Express. Their approach is refreshing and so in-step with what travellers want, that demand is growing rapidly and the European market is next for them. Soon we’ll be seeing their trademark flexible approach to travel in places like the Swiss Alps and the Pyrenees.