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Our New Eco Impact Project at Impala

This month we’ve partnered with Dodo; a company built to enable companies to reduce their Carbon Footprint. Just in time for Recycling Week in the UK.

We’re proactive and intentional about our corporate responsibility. We think no company is too small to proactively think about and address this.

See our Carbon Neutral journey here!

Impala is a Travel Tech company, and we’re pretty obsessed with travel. Without travel, we never meet, we never see, we never visit or voyage or view. Travel allows for horizons to be imagined, friends to be made, delicious food to be eaten and memories to last a lifetime.

However, we’re under no false pretence that travel can harm our planet. At Impala we don’t want to bury our spiral-antlered head in the sand to this fact.

We want to proactively and intentionally acknowledge and address this issue, and take the correct steps to ensure we’re actioning it responsibly. So that we can continue to celebrate travel, but sustainably.

Our Carbon Impact profile, tracks our sustainability journey and impact so far.

In short, through Dodo we’re directly supporting Carbon projects and reducing our footprint.

The partnership with Dodo enables us to balance out our company carbon emissions. We completely support Dodo’s vision to reduce 400m tones or 1% of the world’s CO2 emissions by 2025.

We’re primarily doing this for the good of our planet, but we also simultaneously hope that anyone with strong values around reducing carbon footprints could identify Impala as a suitable company with matching morals.

This is one of many corporate social responsibility initiatives that we have at Impala.