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Vizergy Connects to Hotel Data in 30 Minutes, Powered by Impala

“Impala enables the quick integration of property level data into our customer data platform, empowering properties to visualise guest attributes and launch micro targeted campaigns, optimising spend, and ROI outcomes.” — Addams England, VP Information Technology, Vizergy.

For the past 20 years, Vizergy, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, has worked with international hotel and restaurant groups, such as Marriott, Hard Rock, and Hyatt, as well as independent hotels across the US. For their products to be as data-driven and effective as possible, they need to connect to hotel data.

In particular, Vizergy needs hotel data for their customer data platform, TargetingHub, which helps hoteliers save time, money and improve conversion rates in their marketing.

“By processing and analysing this hotel data, we can create actionable marketing campaigns across every digital channel, increasing loyalty among past guests and targeting new guest acquisition utilising existing property data,” says Addams England, VP Information Technology at Vizergy.

“Leveraging past guest attributes, such as age, geo-location, income and interest to name a few, properties see higher conversions and a lower cost per campaign.”

But accessing this hotel data was a long process, which took a lot of time and resources from the team, so they began looking for better ways to connect to the data.

We spoke to Addams in further detail to find out why they decided to use Impala to connect to hotel data, the experience of onboarding their first hotels, and how they plan to continue using Impala in the future.

How did you find Impala?

“We found Impala while researching PMS data providers online. Before Impala, we either had to work with PMS or CRM/email marketing providers directly to build and support an integration,” says Addams.

Why did Vizergy decide to give Impala a try?

“We decided to give Impala a try because we were impressed with the PMS coverage, plans to add new PMS, the modern technologies and APIs leveraged, and the ease of integration.”

What was your experience of connecting to a hotel using Impala?

“It was extremely easy to connect to our hotels using Impala. We simply had to schedule a quick call with the property technical contact, and Impala handled the rest.

“Our most recent properties were integrated within 30 minutes, which is amazing.”

Could you share one highlight of the process?

“The quickness and ease of the onboarding process is amazing. It is amazing to have a property’s PMS data available in the TargetingHub within one day.”

How is Vizergy planning to use Impala in the future?

“We plan to use Impala for as many PMS interfaces as possible to feed data into our TargetingHub product. We are excited to see Impala’s PMS support continue to grow.”

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to connect to hotel data using Impala?

“It would be a very smart decision to connect to Impala for your PMS data. It is amazing to have one central, modern API to pull your property PMS data, and will save you substantial costs for PMS interface programming, support and maintenance.

“Impala makes the PMS interface process easy on your hotel clients and will have their data flowing into your product within minutes.”