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Impala News

With Impala, even the smallest travel agent can access the biggest hotel chain. Even the busiest hotel manager can reach new markets. See how we’re building the future of travel, together.

Rooftops in Portugal

Welcome to Open Distribution, travel booking reimagined

We think it’s time to put a name to our solution and share it with the global travel community.


Launching Contracting by Impala

How we're helping companies adapt to a new era of travel. I’m excited to announce the launch of our latest product, Impala Contracting. This groundbreaking product facilitates direct contracting between travel sellers like tour operators, travel agents and corporate travel ...


Our New Eco Impact Project at Impala

This month we’ve partnered with Dodo; a company built to enable companies to reduce their Carbon Footprint. Just in time for Recycling Week in the UK. We’re proactive and intentional about our corporate responsibility. We think no company is too small to proactively ...