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Impala News

With Impala, even the smallest travel agent can access the biggest hotel chain. Even the busiest hotel manager can reach new markets. See how we’re building the future of travel, together.

Duty of Care

Do you know where your employees are sleeping?

When prices are high, your travel policy can have unintended (and worrying) consequences. Discover the uncomfortable truth - and the changes you can make to ensure everyone sleeps easy.


How the smartest fast-growing companies are spending less on hotels

Growing small businesses are making their travel budgets take them further. Discover benefits of corporate rates, which are much more attainable than you think.


OTA Insight onboards Impala for Biz Travel Savings

Find out how OTA Insight - one of Europe's fastest growing SaaS companies - is set to save tens of thousands in 2023, without changing software.


Travel Programs: Saving across all aspects of travel

Introducing a travel program of negotiated prices is the fastest way over-extended finance teams can save on travel without sacrificing on quality.

Two people looking at a phone while exploring a forest
Room Sellers

Envisioning Travel’s Super App: Part 3 - How can we prepare for it?

Following his session at WTM London, Impala CEO Ben Stephenson shares his own and his panel’s advice on how to prepare for travel’s Super App future.

Nathalie Rey Valdivieso

Impala December check-in: Attract cost-conscious guests in 2023 without cutting rates

As bills ramp up, travellers want to keep their holidays - but get a great deal. Get ready for peak booking period in January with advice from Impala’s Head of Operations Nathalie Rey Valdivieso.

Room Sellers

Envisioning Travel’s Super App: Part 2 - What will it look like?

Impala co-founder and CEO Ben Stephenson looks at what travel’s much-anticipated Super App could look like - examining the insights of a panel he hosted at WTM London 2022.

Room Sellers

Envisioning Travel’s Super App: Part 1 - Where will it be born?

Fresh from the technology stage at WTM London, and in the first of a three-part series, Impala co-founder and CEO Ben Stephenson examines his panel’s views on how Super Apps are shaping the future of the travel industry.

Room Sellers

In distribution tech, we need to walk before we run

Impala’s co-founder Charlie Cowley reflects on why blockchain, metaverse and web3 trends might need to wait their turn in hotel distribution

Inside Impala

Belonging in Bulgaria: how TikTok took Tif from outsider to insider

On a last-minute trip to Sofia, Impala’s Tifani Mabala broke from her usual meticulous travel routine - and discovered something new along the way.

Ben Stephenson on stage at the Travolution Start-Up Summit
Inside Impala

Travel needs innovators. Here’s our CEO’s advice to help them.

From finding investors to how to think about your competitors, get Ben Stephenson’s perspective on starting a travel business - and succeeding - as shared on stage at the 2022 Travolution Start-Up Summit.