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With Impala, even the smallest travel agent can access the biggest hotel chain. Even the busiest hotel manager can reach new markets. See how we’re building the future of travel, together.

Inside Impala

Belonging in Bulgaria: how TikTok took Tif from outsider to insider

On a last-minute trip to Sofia, Impala’s Tifani Mabala broke from her usual meticulous travel routine - and discovered something new along the way.

Ben Stephenson on stage at the Travolution Start-Up Summit
Inside Impala

Travel needs innovators. Here’s our CEO’s advice to help them.

From finding investors to how to think about your competitors, get Ben Stephenson’s perspective on starting a travel business - and succeeding - as shared on stage at the 2022 Travolution Start-Up Summit.

Inside Impala

Inside Impala: Alessandro Nesta talks transitioning from front desk to home office

Inside Impala explores life on our team from the perspective of Impalans themselves. Alessandro Nesta, a Customer Operations Associate on the Booking Operations team, shares how he stays connected with his team, where he loves to travel and how he transitioned from front desk to home office.

Caspar Mould, Charlie Cowley and Ben Stephenson
Inside Impala

Reflecting on five years of Impala with Caspar Mould, our first employee

We took a walk down memory lane with Caspar to hear about his first days, what advice he’d give to those working at early-stage startups, and what he considers his proudest moment as an Impalan.

Yasmin Desai
Inside Impala

Inside Impala: Yasmin Desai discusses the thrill of making big decisions

Inside Impala explores life on our team from the perspective of Impalans themselves. Yasmin Desai, a Product Director leading the Connectivity Group, shares how she’s grown as a manager, what she values in a startup and how mentorship intersects with her professional goals.

Ed Taylor
Inside Impala

Impala's new CTO Ed Taylor shares his advice for the next generation of travel builders

We sat down with Ed to get his tips for travel engineers, tech leaders and industry newcomers hoping to build the future of travel alongside us.