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Impala News

With Impala, even the smallest travel agent can access the biggest hotel chain. Even the busiest hotel manager can reach new markets. See how we’re building the future of travel, together.

Product Development

Using UX Research to Build APIs that Developers Love

A public API that is used by thousands of developers needs to be so simple to understand that it’s nearly impossible to make a mistake with. When you have to integrate ...

Product Development

Why We Built Impala's Self-Serve Hotel Booking Platform that Cuts Out the Middlemen

Impala’s self-serve platform allows any business to offer hotel room bookings in hours, rather than months, from a rapidly growing number of hotels in 28 countries

The Carefree team Joey, Peter and Stella in action during the mini-release in May
Company Culture
Product Development

Impala x Carefree: How Impala helps overworked carers to catch a break

The past two years have been hard for all of us – but they’ve been particularly hard for our carers. That’s why, for the past ten months, we’ve been putting our technology ...

Product Development

GDPR Principles: Data Minimisation as an Increased Measure of Hotel Data Security

Impala provides an easy to implement and cost-effective solution for GDPR compliance and data minimisation. Since GDPR, or General Data Protection Rights, came ...

Product Development

Launching Impala’s Hotel Booking API

At Impala, we care deeply about making every traveller happy and every trip perfect. An important part of this is making hotel bookings as simple as possible. If you...