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We know that taking a new approach to travel will mean you'll have lots of questions. Get the answers to the most common ones here. And you can also find out more in our Help Centre and API documentation.

Once we have access to your travel data and policy, we take care of everything and once you’ve approved the travel program, we handle all negotiations. Think two short Zoom calls to give the “okay”.

It really varies depending on the destinations of most of your travel but as a general rule, if you have a travel spend of $100K per year then it’s worth discussing. It can even be worthwhile at less than $100K if your travel is highly concentrated (for instance remote workers coming to head-office).

Today, as hotel prices increase year-on-year and consumers and high-growth companies are looking for more ways to save money, travel budgets are beginning to come under pressure. In this environment TMCs and digital sellers that can offer better hotel pricing win more deals and lose fewer bookings.

Absolutely. We have a separate service that handles organizing retreats and offsites that goes from just booking lodging to a full-service retreat planning service for 1000+ people. Contact us directly at info@impala.travel to discuss further.

No. The rates that we arrange can be booked via GDS and so as long as you have a GDS integration we’ll be able to work together. If you don’t then we can help get you up and running there as fast as possible.