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How to manually send your travel data

Last Updated : 13 April 2023

Why send your data?

Impala takes the headache out of negotiating offers with hotels. We analyse how you travel and find ways to save you money. When you send us your travel data on a regular basis we can look for ways to improve your savings, things like: low uptake of offers, new cities you're travelling to, and opportunities for better deals.

If you've set us up as an Admin on your travel software we can do this for you. Don't worry, no private information is shared. If you'd prefer to send us the data manually, or you don't use a travel management tool, then follow the instructions below.

From Travelperk

  1. Select 'Reporting' from the navigation menu.
  2. From the dropdown menu choose 'All 2022'.
  3. Under 'Select CSV columns' deselect the 'Traveller First Name, Last Name, Email' and 'Card Number' checkboxes.
  4. Select 'Download CSV'.

From Navan

  1. From the main menu at the top left choose 'Admin'.
  2. Choose 'Reports' from the menu.
  3. Choose 'Bookings' from the dropdown.
  4. Export your data as an Excel or CSV file.

From a different travel provider

If you're not using one of the travel providers above you can still share your data. Make sure to include as much information as you can, and supply the file as an Excel, Numbers, or CSV file.