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Ed Taylor CTO
Ed Taylor CTO

May 23, 2022 - 3 min read

Travel technology platform Impala surpasses 1.5 million rooms and Ed Taylor moves to CTO as part of growth strategy

Impala, the London-based startup using technology to empower and reimagine the travel industry, has surpassed an inventory of 1.5 million hotel rooms, with an average growth of 100,000 rooms per week whilst Ed Taylor moves from VP of engineering to Chief Technology Officer as part of the company’s growth strategy.

Impala’s open, transparent system removes the barriers of old travel technology. Its API platform enables hotels to regain control of their distribution, reaching new partners and markets, whilst room sellers can find the right inventory for their business in minutes, rather than months. 

Ben Stephenson, CEO, says: “One of our objectives at Impala is to give power back to hotels through ‘Open Distribution’, so they can connect directly with the room sellers they want to work with without any gatekeepers in the way. We are delighted to see the pace at which hotels are embracing Impala to reach our ever-growing network of room sellers. It’s great to see the platform resonating with properties of all kinds, including prestigious addresses like the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. 

We are delighted to see the pace at which hotels are embracing Impala to reach our ever-growing network of room sellers.

Ben Stephenson


“Engineering and technical solutions are critical to this success and our newly appointed CTO, Ed Taylor, who moves from VP of engineering, is ideally positioned to steer this forward. Not only is he a deep technical visionary but he is also a world class team builder and passionate about leadership.”

Before joining Impala in 2019, Ed Taylor previously led engineering teams at both Nested and Skyscanner.

With backing from Lakestar, Kima Ventures, Stride VC and Latitude - who backed Airbnb, Trivago and Deliveroo, to name just a few - Impala is constantly adapting and innovating to enable better travel experiences for everyone.


For more information on Impala or to sign up, please visit impala.travel. For media enquiries or to discuss an Impala opportunity, please contact Oliver Gelb, Kate McWilliams, Anna Rawson or Matilda Haymes at impala@wcommunications.co.uk