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Impala Travel UI


Hotel distribution the way it should be. We’ve rebuilt the travel industry’s tech stack to enable a new way for hotels and room sellers to do business.

Nobody should get between hotels and room sellers

Impala makes it fast and easy for hotels and room sellers to work together. Our platform and API is opening new markets, attracting new guests and growing businesses - without the need for slow and expensive channel managers.

Hotels and room sellers working together

One powerful platform

Impala breaks down the barriers and lets travel flourish the way it was meant to.

Hotels and room sellers working together
  • Build direct relationships with no third parties in the way

  • Make contracting fast and easy

  • Simplify payments and payouts

  • Join fast - whether you’re a hotel or room seller

Better for Room Sellers

Better for Room sellers

Build a business that stands out. With Impala you can quickly source the inventory you want, differentiate with deals unique to you, and use our tech to create bespoke guest booking experiences. Getting started is easy:

Better for Room Sellers
  • Sign up to our room seller dashboard

  • Choose your hotel inventory

  • Start testing in our sandbox and access your API key immediately

  • Complete your integration and start selling

Better for Hotels

Better for Hotels

Get started effortlessly, no developer needed. Manage bookings in one simple dashboard. See where your bookings are coming from, so you can attract more of the guests that work for you - and focus on giving them a great stay. Here’s how it works:

Better for Hotels
  • Speak to an Impala specialist to sign up

  • We add your rates, availability and content - there’s nothing you need to do

  • Start taking bookings within 48h

  • Impala and room sellers manage guest support

  • Negotiate with room sellers and develop your strategy

Travel tech for the future

Impala’s product makes integration a breeze. Our tools make it easy for commercial teams at hotels and room sellers to build their businesses together.

Get going fast

Our modern API technology is simple and quick to build with.

With you at every step

Our clear API documentation includes step-by-step guides and examples.

Test drive the future

Test drive the future

Use our free sandbox environment to get familiar with Impala.

Easy for your teams

Intuitive user dashboards empower hotels and room sellers to connect.

A New World of Travel

With Impala, even the smallest travel agent can reach out to the biggest hotel chain. Even the most niche tour operator can find their ideal partner hotel. See how we’re helping innovators like you build a new direction for travel.

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