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We know that taking a new approach to travel will mean you'll have lots of questions. Get the answers to the most common ones here. And you can also find out more in our Help Centre and API documentation.

Simply sign in to your Impala dashboard. From here, you can see the room sellers you’re working with, the bookings they’ve delivered you and any deal requests they’ve sent you. You can then negotiate with room sellers to create deals that work for you.

If you’re already working with Impala and you’d like some help, you can contact us.

We offer both integration styles.

Our default and recommended API endpoints are an ARI pull integration. Whenever a customer searches for a room, we return the content, rooms and prices to display. This integration style is by far the easiest to implement and reduces the possibility of integration mistakes to a minimum.

For established travel businesses that have existing channel manager integrations, we offer endpoints to enable ARI push integration, too.

There's no hidden pricing with Impala: you only pay when you receive a booking. There's no minimum number of bookings and no setup fee. You agree commission with each room seller, and see exactly what you'll earn before guest arrival. Payment is guaranteed through a virtual card, and Impala only collects a small percentage when you receive a booking.

Yes. We can add any new hotel in less than 48h, so once they’ve agreed to work with you, any new property will be available to you via our API in days. If there is a specific inventory strategy you’re planning to follow, please talk to us: Our hotel account management team may be able to help.