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Build Long-Lasting, Strategic Revenue

Impala's travel suppliers work with us because we bring them closer to the companies and travellers of the future, reliably and repeatably. We always match the right supplier to the right company so no need to sign-up in advance. We'll reach out directly when we think we have a great business for you to work with.

Building Great Partnerships Together

Our goal is to connect the next generation of companies and the next generation of travelers with the best travel providers for them. We advise and direct large travel budgets and so look to build long-lasting partnerships that can be fruitful for both you and our customers in the long-term.


Working with us is a smoother experience for travel suppliers globally and there are some important things for you to know.

Data Driven Forecasting

We have a complete travel history from our customers (via their travel or expense software) and use a detailed statistical analysis to give you stronger forecasting than a traditional TMC so you can budget more reliably.

Dealing with Experience

The team you'll be liaising with collectively have decades of experience in the travel and hospitality industry so you'll have a smooth ride.


No More Complex RFPs

We don't solicit 40 partners per destination but instead reach out selectively to providers that meet our customers requirements exactly, this means we don't need you to fill out length RFPs.


No New Systems

We work through Amadeus and Sabre and so all rate loading is done as normal with no need to change.

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Want to find out more about our travel programs and how being a part of one would benefit you?