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Tailored Travel Programs, Exceptional Savings

We leverage our extensive global network to deliver world-class travel programs for Digital TMCs and Corporates. For hotels and airlines; working with us yields year-round, data-backed, predictable traveller revenue.

Fasten your seat-belt for data-driven procurement

We analyze your historical travel data and policies to negotiate personalized discounts, saving you up to 30% on travel expenses. Experience a seamless, data-driven approach to travel negotiation that benefits both companies and travel suppliers.

Corporates & SMEs

Save 30% of your travel budget this year


Increase employee engagement by giving them access to better hotels, pre-vetted and with great workspaces.


The average 400 headcount company will save $165K this year by using Impala


We take no up-front payment and instead get paid only when you book our negotiated pricing


Your travel spend can drop from next month, with no new software required

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TMCs & Room Sellers

Quickly build a unique inventory

Earn deeper commissions than through Expedia and Booking's affiliate schemes with unique discounts.

We work with providers across spend segments so whether your a digital-first TMC or a loyalty program, we've got you covered.

Build long-lasting customer relationships with your customer and stop sending them through bedbanks

We work through your existing GDS integrations so your team can spend no time on integrations.

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Put an End to Travel Overspending

If you have more than 250 employees, chances are you're booking public or only slightly discounted hotels. Impala procures negotiated rates just for your company, with almost no new software required.

  • Works with your existing travel software stack

  • Requires no up-front payment

  • An effortless win

  • The best budget decision you'll make all year

With Impala, we can work with any property in the world—even. This means we can reach new markets we couldn’t before.

Hotel terrace

The onboarding of our over 200 properties was incredibly easy with Impala. Our tech team didn’t have to do a thing — we had never experienced such a smooth process before.

Hotel lobby

Working with Impala allows us to be closer to our audience during the booking process. The team are forward-thinking in their vision for redefining travel tech.

Hotel pool

How We're Building Better Travel Programs

For hoteliers, procurement professionals and digital TMCs, Impala makes new ideas possible. See how we're building the future of travel with our partners.

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