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Simplify hotel room selling and build the future of travel

Impala’s travel platform connects hotels with customers who want to sell hotel rooms. Hotels can join instantly, and customers, from innovative start-ups to established TMCs and Tour Operators, can access our booking platform to sell hotel rooms in minutes.

Powering a new generation of travel

There’s been very little innovation in travel over the last 20 years. The reason? An over-complicated and outdated technology stack that’s stifled the industry.

At Impala, we’re changing that. The Impala travel platform instantly connects hotels to businesses that want to sell hotel rooms and create new guest experiences. Whether you’re a corporate travel company, a tour operator or a travel startup, we take away the costly integrations and lengthy negotiation cycles, so you can focus on building an even better experience for your guests. 

Impala Connectivity

  • We’re fast - you’re live on Impala within 48 hours.
  • One invoice - we handle all payments.  
  • Quick onboarding - we’ll even curate bespoke content, reviewed by hotels for quality and accuracy. 

Impala Contracting

  • Contracts signed in hours - no need to wait months to add inventory at negotiated rates. 
  • No red tape - we’ve removed the middleware, endless back-and-forth, and the intermediaries.
  • Build stronger relationships - agree private deals, scale up your direct relationships and have greater transparency. 

Impala gives us the agility to discover and test new markets without the historic resource required. In particular, Impala has given us more access to the UK.

Mathilde Vincendet
Revenue Manager Groupe

Integrating with the Impala Booking platform was effortless. From starting integration to processing our first bookings, it took me just two days. Their interactive documentation is excellent, and we got great support from their team.

Igor Kuzmenko
Chief Technology Officer

Impala help us regain a bit more of the UK market and explore new avenues. The reservations are straight forward and don't put extra weight on our current operations.

Gonçalo Nunes

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