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Hotel reception
Hotel reception
Hotel reception

Selling rooms made simple

With Impala, travel sellers can find the right inventory to create new travel ideas in minutes. Hotels can regain control of their distribution and reach new markets. With no upfront costs and easy integration, it's simple, transparent, and better for both.

Hotel reception

The upgrade you’ve been waiting for

Welcome to Open Distribution - a new way for hotels and room sellers to build better working relationships, powered by Impala. Anyone can join and start selling or offering rooms - it's quick, transparent, and there are no upfront costs.


Reach new markets and control your strategy


Attract the guests that suit you to drive revenue and occupancy


No upfront costs and keep more of the booking value


Decide where your rooms are sold - and for how much


Start taking new bookings in less than 48h with integration-free onboarding

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Room seller

Quickly build a unique product and inventory

Earn more commission

Reach the hotels you want to work with, and get real-time rates and availability

Spend less time on integrations so you can focus on guest experiences

Build real relationships - not just integrations - from one simple platform

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Impala's product in action

Impala puts you in control

Impala's product solves the struggles that hotels and room sellers face every day, making every step faster and simpler.

Impala's product in action
  • Easily manage your partnerships in one dashboard

  • Skip the channel manager

  • Work with partners you choose

  • Keep more of your earnings

The best way to explain why we signed up is ‘why not?’. It took minimal effort to onboard and the business model is simple.

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With Impala, we can work with any property in the world—even if we can’t connect to their channel manager. This means we can reach new markets and sign up properties we couldn’t before.

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The onboarding of our over 200 properties was incredibly easy with Impala. Our tech team didn’t have to do a thing — we had never experienced such a smooth process before.

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Working with Impala allows us to be closer to our audience during the booking process. The team are forward-thinking in their vision for redefining travel tech.

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A New World of Travel

For hoteliers, travel agents, and travel entrepreneurs, Impala makes new ideas possible. See how we're building the future of travel with our partners.

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Welcome to Open Distribution, travel booking reimagined

We think it’s time to put a name to our solution and share it with the global travel community.


The 2022 travel trends hotels need to know about

We comb through the data - and check in with the Impalans talking to hotels every day - to discover what you need to know about right now.

Charlie Cowley
Room Sellers

Three things OTA titans can learn from newcomer startups

Access to new technology is welcoming a wave of new OTAs to the market. There’s a thing or two the industry old guard can learn from them.

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