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Integrating with Your Existing Systems: Seamless Travel Management

The Challenge of Integration

Integrating new travel management solutions into existing corporate systems poses a significant challenge for many companies. The need to introduce improvements to your travel processes must be balanced with the potential disruptions that introducing new solutions can entail. Disruptions that can lead to reduced employee compliance, decreased efficiency, and potential frustration - the opposite of why you're making the change in the first place.

Impala's Seamless Solution

Impala is different. We integrate directly with your existing booking platforms, seamlessly updating your existing travel software with your negotiated rates and managing changes on your behalf. This approach isn't tied to a single platform, meaning that we can migrate your travel program if you choose to switch from one platform to another.

This approach allows employees to book their travel as usual, without needing to learn new systems or processes. It's a win-win situation where you benefit from cost savings, and employees enjoy a familiar booking experience. No fuss, no pain.

Ownership and Communication

A unique aspect of Impala’s service is that your company retains ownership over the contracts, maintaining control while benefiting from Impala’s expertise in securing the best deals.

We understand that ensuring employee compliance can be a complicated process, that's why we can offer our expertise to help you communicate which hotels should be booked and why. We highlight any persistent offenders in your travel data, supporting you to decide the best approach to help them book your rates.

Rapid Implementation

One of the hallmarks of Impala's service is the speed of implementation. Our team works diligently to integrate our solutions with your systems quickly and efficiently. Our approach isn't specific to just a handful of booking platforms, it's a universal solution that can be up in running quickly. By relying on established travel technology processes we can have you saving money in weeks, not months.


The ability to seamlessly integrate advanced travel management solutions without disrupting existing operations is crucial for modern businesses. Impala’s approach not only simplifies this process but also enriches it by ensuring that companies and their employees reap the benefits of expertly negotiated travel rates without the hassle.

  • Seamless integration with no change in booking processes
  • Retention of contract ownership
  • Effective communication strategies for new rates
  • Swift and efficient setup process

Embrace a smoother, more cost-effective travel management system with Impala. Experience the ease of integration and start enjoying the benefits today.

Book your call with Impala now and take the first step towards streamlined travel management.