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Lighthouse Seamlessly Inserts Impala Travel Program for Corporate Travel Cost Savings

Lighthouse, a leading provider of cloud-based hospitality data analytics solutions, with offices in Ghent, London, Denver, Singapore & more, is now benefiting from significant travel cost savings and an improved business travel experience by adopting Impala's Travel Program as a Service into their existing travel software.

Impala supports Lighthouse by providing Corporate Negotiated Rates (CNRs) that are implemented directly into their travel management account. In this customer spotlight, we explain how Impala's Travel Program offering has become an integral part of Lighthouse's travel cost control and the benefits it has brought to the company.

The Challenge

As a growing global team (company headcount growth is up 31% in the last 12 months), Lighthouse believed they should be able to secure better pricing for their travel. However, they lacked the time, focus, and expertise internally to negotiate pricing with hotels. The company aimed to reduce travel-related expenditure while maintaining the quality of accommodations and services.

The Solution

Lighthouse turned to Impala's Travel Program offering as a comprehensive solution to their corporate travel spend challenges. Impala curated their own Travel Program - identifying & negotiating CNRs at the right hotels for OTA Insight - which was then inserted into their existing travel software, allowing for instant savings without the need to change tools. This seamless adoption enabled Lighthouse to get started with their own Travel Program in just 4 weeks.

The Results

Impala's Travel Program as a service has exceeded Lighthouse's expectations, delivering impressive results:

  1. Cost Savings: An estimated annual reduction in travel costs of approximately $80,000.
  2. Reduced Hotel Rates: Access to hotel rates that are, on average, 19% cheaper than they'd otherwise book in 2023.
  3. Improved Business Travel Experience: Accommodations fitting employees' requirements, enhancing their travel experience.

Customer Testimonial

Matthias Geeroms, CFO at Lighthouse said,

"Impala's Travel Program as a Service has had a direct and positive impact on our bottom line. The fact that it was added into our existing travel software allowed us to get started quickly and without any disruption.

Impala has negotiated CNRs that are more competitive than we initially expected - the fact that we’re going to benefit from these, without having had to hire a team internally is a big win for us.

We’re super excited to see the difference it makes to our travel expenditure.”