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Easy attendee management with Impala's date and attendee features

It's time to plan your company event, and after weeks of discussion you've got everyone to agree on a set of dates. But you know this is only the beginning. Your Excel doc is ready filled with people to invite, and you've sent out a form for them to say whether they can come.

But wait, the people in your Singapore office are asking if they can arrive and depart a day early. You have event organisers that need time to setup, and you only have a certain budget for additional hotel nights. Not only that but you need to make sure that all additional stays go to the right cost centre. Not only that but you need to make sure that your staff with additional access requirements are able to get a room they can actually ... access.

With Impala you can say goodbye to the spreadsheet, and hello to modern attendee management. We understand that you don't want to spend your time being a travel agent for your company. But ensuring that people have a good event experience is important to you too.

You're in Control of Your Dates

Not all event dates are created equally. You can use the Manage Dates view to mark a date as Optional or Required. This can be helpful when you want to mark up the core event dates, but allow attendees to stay for an optional social day.

From this page you can also add Travel dates before and after your main event dates. All event dates can have restrictions set about who can book a hotel on these dates, as well as the total number of hotel nights that can be requested. This lets you control spend, and ensure that only the people you want to can request a hotel stay.

A screenshot of the Impala events software showing event dates, and the functionality you can use.

You can enhance your dates with an agenda, giving people context about what's happening and when. Need to let them know that they're in the office for the first date of your event, but that there's an external venue for the others? Add it to your agenda. We give you a full editing suite for your agenda to let you make it as impressive as your event.

Groups and Teams

Our Groups & Teams feature gives you control over who can stay, and when. Any attendee can be assigned to a group, and/ or team - either at invite, or afterwards. These could be used for cost-centre purposes; for example a Marketing, Sales, or Product team. Or by permissions; Long-distance travellers, or Event Organisers.

A screenshot of the Impala events software showing controls for a specific event day. Only certain groups can stay on this date.

We give you a selection of options to control your budget. You can set specific groups to have to share rooms for example, or combined with date restrictions you can set a maximum number of additional hotel nights for each day. Data on your attendees can be easily exported from the events product, with all group and team names carried through.


  • Add and mark travel dates: Allows for clear communication and planning for attendees.
  • Mark days as required or optional: Provides flexibility for attendees and highlights essential event dates.
  • Use groups to restrict booking: Tailors booking options to specific attendee groups.
  • Block hotel stays for certain days: Streamlines lodging arrangements for days with pre-arranged accommodations.
  • A mobile-friendly attendee experience with all information in one place.

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