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Uncovering Hidden Savings with Advanced Data Analytics

In the world of procurement, data analytics has revolutionized the way companies approach spend management, supplier negotiations, and cost optimization. However, when it comes to corporate travel, many organizations still rely on outdated practices and traditional travel management companies (TMCs) that fail to leverage the power of data. It's time for procurement professionals to bring the same level of data-driven decision-making to their travel programs and unlock hidden savings that have been left on the table for far too long.

The Limitations of Traditional TMC Negotiations

"TMCs have historically relied on their contact books and generic email blasts to negotiate rates with hotels, often yielding suboptimal results."

While TMCs are a cornerstone of the corporate travel ecosystem, their approach to hotel negotiations can fall short. Without access to detailed analytics and modeling tools, TMCs are unable to identify the most strategic hotels to target and lack the data-backed insights needed to negotiate effectively.

Impala's Advanced Pricing Analytics: A Game-Changer

A screenshot of the Impala analysis tool showing a bar graph with 3 scenarios. Impala's is best

At Impala, we've developed cutting-edge pricing analytics tools that revolutionize the way companies approach hotel negotiations. Our powerful algorithms analyze your company's historical travel data, providing invaluable insights such as:

  • Exactly what you should have paid for a given hotel in a specific city based on your previous travel patterns
  • Which hotels will lead to the most cost-effective overall program, taking into account factors like traveler satisfaction and the likelihood of booking more expensive alternatives

"Impala's pricing engine runs vast models to determine if Hotel A or Hotel B leads to a cheaper overall program, considering factors beyond just the room rate."

By leveraging these data-driven insights, we can create a highly targeted list of hotels that align perfectly with your organization's needs, ensuring maximum savings and traveler satisfaction.

Strengthening Negotiations with Data-Backed Business Cases

Armed with the insights provided by our pricing analytics tools, Impala's experienced negotiators craft compelling business cases that demonstrate your company's value to travel suppliers. By presenting hotels with a clear picture of your expected travel volume, booking patterns, and long-term potential, we can secure significantly stronger pricing and favorable terms that generic TMC negotiations simply can't match.

"We spend less time sending generic emails and more time crafting compelling business cases that demonstrate your company's value to travel suppliers."

A Win-Win for Buyers and Suppliers

A screenshot of the Impala analysis tool showing details on a specific hotel for negotiation

Our data-driven approach benefits not only our clients but also the travel suppliers we work with. By providing hotels with a transparent and accurate forecast of your company's travel needs, we help them optimize their inventory management and revenue strategies. This level of clarity and predictability fosters stronger, more mutually beneficial relationships between corporate buyers and travel suppliers.

Bringing Expertise to the Corporate Travel Market

At Impala, we've honed our pricing analytics tools through years of working behind the scenes with some of the world's largest travel sellers. Now, we're bringing this expertise to the corporate travel market, empowering procurement professionals to take control of their travel spend and drive unprecedented savings.

"By combining the power of data with our deep industry knowledge and negotiation prowess, we're helping companies navigate the complexities of travel procurement with confidence and precision."

Bringing Expertise to the Corporate Travel Market

Don't let your travel program remain in the wild west of unoptimized spend and missed savings opportunities. Embrace the future of data-driven travel management and book a demo with Impala today. See firsthand how our advanced pricing analytics can uncover hidden savings, streamline your procurement process, and elevate your travel program to new heights.

"It's time to bring the power of data to your travel spend – and we're here to help you every step of the way."

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