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The logos of Impala and YuLife superimposed on a hotel room
InformationCase Study

Empowering YuLife’s Events Success with Impala’s Group Bookings Toolkit

The Challenge

YuLife, a forward-thinking wellness and insurance company, faced the task of orchestrating a significant internal event for their team, marking their third collaboration with Impala. Niamh Karia took the lead, tasked with booking accommodations for over 60 international attendees, navigating complex logistics, and ensuring the event mirrored YuLife's wellness ethos—all on a tight budget.

The Solution

Impala Group Booking was the go-to, blending top-notch travel negotiation with a standout attendee management tool, streamlining costs and operations.

The Impact

  • Cost Savings: Niamh shared, "Impala got us rates we thought were impossible, keeping our budget on track with room to spare. Their knack for savings is a game-changer."

  • Time Saved: "Ditching the spreadsheets for the attendee management tool was a major time saver, practically adding another member to our event team," Niamh said.

  • Enhanced Attendee Experience: "Direct, personalized invites and event info from Impala made our communication slick," noted Niamh.

Why Impala?

  • Tailored for Internal Events: Handles the nitty-gritty of company events for groups of 20 to 1,000.

  • Dual Benefit - Software Plus Service: Offers both an advanced attendee management tool and expert negotiation services for a well-rounded event planning solution.

  • Cost Control and Transparency: Niamh highlighted, "Impala's grip on cost visibility and snagging favorable rates makes them not just a provider but a strategic ally."

The Bottom Line

"For anyone stuck playing travel agent for company events, Impala Group Booking is your way out. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about upgrading the whole planning and management process, making every event better for everyone involved. Our continued partnership with Impala is proof of their top-tier service and the real value they add to our events," concluded Niamh.