The Impala Service

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Accommodation Negotiation & Management

Combining your travel data with our deep corporate travel analysis we create a dynamic negotiated travel program, giving you deep and direct savings that integrate seamlessly into your existing booking tool.

Using your travel policy as an anchor, we make sure that the hotels we select not only bring you efficient travel, but also drive employee satisfaction.

We keep supporting you to make the most of your prices; highlighting rates to your team, and monitoring your rates to add or remove suppliers.

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Airline & Ground Transport Negotiation

Getting from A to B can be complicated, and very personal for different people in your business. We build your travel programme by negotiating with key airlines, using your travel patterns to find complimentary discounts. Where relevant we support this with additional savings on rail, taxis, or airport connections.

Working across your travel data, we give you options for different journey types, meaning your sustainability-minded employees can be part of your savings.

We'll help you manage your travel policy, ensuring compliance doesn't mean unhappy travellers.

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Group Travel Planning & Negotiation

Don't just save money, save time on large group travel like all-hands and offsites. We empower your managers, EAs, and travel planners to create group events for 20+ people.

Our Impala Events app lets you plan, manage, and invite from one place, with Impala's travel planners taking the lead to find you savings on hotels, venues, and meals.

We handle invites and reminders, so you spend less time chasing people, and more time enjoying event bliss.

  • Thanks to Impala, we achieved pricing in our key locations that was over 30% more favorable than what we had with our TMC, & delivered an overall saving of 19%!

    Mathias GeeromsCFO, Lighthouse (Formerly OTA Insight)