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The Impala Advantage: A Smarter Way to Negotiate

Most companies either rely on a handful of internally negotiated rates with hotels near their offices or outsource the process to their TMC. Both approaches have significant drawbacks:

  • Internal negotiations often result in suboptimal pricing due to lack of data, business case expertise, and dedicated resources
  • TMCs typically apply a one-size-fits-all approach and prioritize their own commissions over client savings

Impala offers a smarter alternative. Our process begins with a comprehensive audit of your travel destinations and patterns, leveraging our proprietary technology to identify the optimal savings potential in each market.

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Data-Driven Audits and Expert Negotiations

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your company's hotel spend, benchmarking against industry data and best practices. We then present our findings in a detailed audit meeting with your key stakeholders, outlining:

  • Specific negotiation opportunities and projected savings
  • Recommended supplier mix and contract terms
  • Implementation timeline and success metrics

You have full control over which negotiations to pursue based on your unique priorities and constraints. Impala's role is to not only provide the data and insights but also to execute the negotiations on your behalf, leveraging our expertise and supplier relationships to secure the most favorable terms.

An airport departure board, close up showing rows and rows of flight numbers

Unmatched Expertise and Proven Results

Our seasoned negotiators engage with selected hotels and chains, armed with compelling business cases and market intelligence to secure the most competitive rates, amenities, and terms. With decades of combined experience in corporate travel management, our team knows how to navigate complex negotiations and deliver results.

But we don't stop there. Impala continuously monitors your hotel program performance, identifying opportunities for further optimization. We proactively renegotiate rates, add new properties, and adjust supplier mix as your needs evolve, ensuring your accommodation strategy remains best-in-class.

Travel savings without travel pain

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