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A Holistic Approach to Travel Procurement

Impala takes a holistic view of your travel spend, analyzing your data across air, hotel, rail, and ground transport categories. This integrated approach allows us to identify opportunities for savings and efficiencies that might be missed when focusing on each area in isolation.

Our process begins with a thorough audit of your historical travel data and spend. We then benchmark your performance against industry norms and best practices, identifying areas for improvement and cost reduction. This forms the foundation of our strategic sourcing plan, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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Expert Negotiations Across All Travel Categories

Our team of experienced negotiators works on your behalf to secure the most competitive rates and terms with airlines, rail providers, car rental companies, and ground transportation services. We leverage our deep supplier relationships and market intelligence to create compelling business cases for discounts, waivers, and value-added amenities.

But we don't stop at the initial contract. Impala continually monitors your travel program performance, identifying opportunities for further optimization. We proactively renegotiate rates, adjust supplier mix, and ensure compliance with your negotiated deals, making sure you're always getting the maximum value from your travel spend.

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Balancing Cost Savings with Traveler Satisfaction

We understand that a successful travel program must balance cost control with employee satisfaction and productivity. That's why we work closely with your team to understand your travelers' needs and preferences, crafting policies and supplier agreements that prioritize both savings and experience.

From ensuring your preferred airlines and routes are included in your program to negotiating perks like lounge access and priority boarding, we make sure your travelers have the support and amenities they need to perform at their best on the road.

Proven Results, Measurable Impact

Find out how how we saved Lighthouse $80,000 without any disruption to their booking process, providing massive discounts whilst enhancing travel experience.